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1. Each restaurant that belongs to the Quality Restaurateurs' Club – the “ Toques (Chef's Hat) d'Opale “ is run by a professional.


2. Each restaurant offers a variety of dishes created from quality ingredients and with full information regarding the origins of the products.


3. Each restaurant guarantees the in-house production of its dishes.


4. Each restaurant is committed to using local produce in the creation of the dishes.


5. To allow for seasonal variety, each restaurant guarantees to change at least a part of its menu at least once a year.


6. The member restaurant commits to providing a “Toques d'Opale” dish on the menu priced at between 25 and 30€ based on local and seasonal produce.


7. On each wine list you will find at least one AOC wine from each wine producing area in France and one Bordeaux wine that was bottled on site at the château.


8. Each restaurant applies all the current Health and Safety legislation to ensure the diner's peace of mind regarding food preparation.


9. You will find a warm welcome in each restaurant and a satisfaction questionnaire is available for your use.


10. In each restaurant you will find the current list of members of the Quality Restaurateurs' Club the “Toques d'Opale”.

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