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INGREDIENTS for 4 people




For  the accompaniment

4 endives

1 knob butter

½ spoon of olive oil

½ finely chopped shallot

50g finely sliced smoked bacon bits

few sprigs of fresh coriander and chives


















Bon appétit


To make the sauce :

heat again the pan juices, add the cream and allow to boil gently for a few moments and pour over the scallops. Decorate with the coriander and chive sprigs.

Put the endives on hot plates, reserving the pan juices, place the scallops round the endives.



In a non-stick frying pan put the butter and the oil and cook quickly (for about one minute) the scallops that have been cut in 2.

In a frying pan gently fry the endives until lightly coloured.

Add the shallots and the bacon bits. Cook for a few minutes with a lid on and then put to one side.



Wash, dry and finely slice the endives.

Chop the shallot and slice the bacon bits.

Wash and dry them and keep aside 4 corals.

Ask your fishmonger to open the scallops.

12 scallops

4 scallop corals

1 knob butter

100ml of double cream

freshly milled salt and pepper



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